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  • approximately
  • or so
  • more or less
  • about
  • close to
  • just about
  • around
  • roughly

другие переводы

  • дехто some someone somebody
  • кілька some
  • неякийсь some one whoever
  • дещо something some any
  • деяка кількість some
  • котрий which who what some others any
  • котрий-небудь some any
  • котрийсь some someone somebody
  • дуже very really highly greatly very much some
  • кілька some something
  • ледве barely hardly scarcely narrowly but some
  • приблизно about approximately roughly some nearly something
  • трохи a little slightly some somewhat few trifle
  • чимало much quite a few plenty some a good few
имя прилагательное
  • деякі some
  • кілька several some
  • якийсь some one

примеры использования

  • I think some have not been as strong in denouncing these acts as they should have been.
  • If they want to loan you money, tell them you just filed for bankruptcy and you could do with some money.
  • In the morning when it has dropped its flowers, some feel the tree appears to look sad.
  • Alex came down last weekend and after the pub we went back home and listened to some records with Sarah.
  • some man sang it

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