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имя прилагательное
  • just
  • fair
  • proper
  • good
  • upright
  • righteous
  • virtuous
  • moral
  • ethical
  • honorable
  • honest
  • lawful
  • legal
  • completely
  • fully
  • totally
  • absolutely
  • utterly
  • thoroughly
  • quite
имя существительное
  • goodness
  • righteousness
  • virtue
  • integrity
  • rectitude
  • propriety
  • morality
  • truth
  • honesty
  • honor
  • justice
  • fairness
  • equity
  • lawfulness
  • legality
  • set upright
  • turn back over

другие переводы

  • приводити в порядок trim marshal right shape square
  • захищати права right
  • відновлювати справедливість right
имя существительное
  • міць power strength might force vigor right
  • правий бік right
  • правильність correctness accuracy rightness regularity right propriety
  • право right law power charter licence
  • праворуч right
  • правота rightness right rectitude
  • належним чином due right in due course rightly
  • правильно right correctly properly regular rightly accurately
  • прямо direct straight directly right outright bluntly
  • справедливо rightly right justly rightfully impartially upright
  • направо right to the right rightwards
  • якраз just exactly right even even as nicely
имя прилагательное
  • найзручніший right
  • правий right dexter off guiltless right-wing
  • правильний correct right proper regular accurate true
  • слушний right favorable opportune suitable just proper
  • справедливий fair just righteous equitable right impartial

примеры использования

  • I believe it is nonsensical, and that God gave us the brains to know right from wrong.
  • The Bolshoi Ballet is dancing, and everything seems absolutely right with the world.
  • Why would they wish to be seen as soft on drugs if they did not think their opinions were right ?
  • He is a classic winger and, even if he occasionally plays on the left for Denmark, he is more comfortable on the right .
  • Williams' vivid descriptions put you right in the middle of the action.

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