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имя существительное
  • tie
  • dead heat
  • stalemate
  • sketch
  • make a drawing (of)
  • delineate
  • outline
  • draft
  • rough out
  • illustrate
  • render
  • represent
  • trace
  • portray
  • depict

другие переводы

  • споріднювати unite draw together make alike
  • залучати draw enlist implicate
  • привертати attract draw predispose invite commend
  • принаджувати lure entice attract draw seduce absorb
  • тягти pull drag haul lug draw trail
  • вдихувати breathe breathe in respire imbibe inhale draw
  • креслити draw trace
  • притягати attract draw pull allure
  • черпати draw scoop derive ladle bucket
  • викреслити delete erase cross out scratch out scratch off draw
  • ласити attract allure draw
  • розсувати draw
  • викреслювати delete cross out cancel strike out cross off draw
  • вдихати inhale breathe breathe in respire draw imbibe
  • малювати draw paint portray depict represent describe
  • вималювати paint draw portray
  • наближатися approach near come near approximate nigh draw
  • висмикувати pull out pick out draw
  • накреслити draw sketch draft protract delineate describe
  • накреслювати sketch draw delineate protract draft describe
  • нарисувати draw sketch delineate
  • натягати draw strain
  • переманювати entice draw court
  • перетягати drag pull draw
  • підсувати draw
  • підтягувати pull tighten draw hitch hitch up bring up
  • повабити attract draw allure charm captivate entice
имя существительное
  • витягування extension draw elongation exhaustion haul
  • порвокаційне запитання draw
  • принада bait lure attraction beauty draw decoy
  • тираж circulation edition draw printing
  • жеребкування draw sortition ballot toss-up
  • тяга traction pull haulage draw connecting rod draught

примеры использования

  • ‘Crazy, at least draw your sword.
  • Crazy hadn’t bothered to draw his sword.
  • As a soldier, Rel could see they were doing so to draw the fire and attention of the back line away from the attack on the second.
  • A long, curved hunting knife hung on his belt, and he was fumbling with a longsword, trying to position it over his shoulder beside his pack where he could draw it.
  • With an electronic beep, the EKG graph began to draw waves.
  • ” Rew shouted to Zaine and Jon as he stepped away, moving into the center of the room to draw the thieves away from his companions.
  • It’s going to be bloody, and before it ends, it’s going to draw us all in.
  • ”“While you’re here, you’ll draw the Dark Kind to the town,” warned Rew.
  • Dracons were ridden commonly in the eastern Kingdoms, where the open plains and sparse population limited the potential for fatal accident, and giant dracon cattle were employed to draw vehicles in other lands.
  • They didn’t want to draw the baron’s eye, but out in the streets of the lower quarters, the gutters ran thick with blood.
  • Putting his faith in the protection afforded by the hologram cloaking, Sam decided to try and draw the group’s attention toward him.

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