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имя существительное
  • standard
  • grade
  • class
  • caliber
  • condition
  • character
  • nature
  • form
  • rank
  • value
  • level
  • sort
  • type
  • kind
  • variety
имя прилагательное
  • excellent
  • superior
  • valuable
  • distinctive
  • incomparable
  • well-crafted
  • top-notch

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • качество quality character grade property degree capacity
  • высокое качество quality excellence fineness high-grade
  • сорт grade variety class sort brand quality
  • особенность feature peculiarity singularity characteristic particularity quality
  • достоинство dignity virtue merit denomination quality meritoriousness
  • тембр timbre quality color colour
  • характерная черта characteristic feature trait peculiarity attribute quality
  • выделка dressing manufacture quality manufacturing fabric make
  • высшие классы общества quality
  • знать nobility aristocracy notables gentlefolks peerage quality
  • господа quality
  • положение в обществе quality
  • свойство property characteristic feature attribute affinity quality
имя прилагательное
  • высококачественный quality fine high-grade hi-fi high-end

примеры использования

  • We only wonder how it is possible that you men,” addressing the strangers, “can sell burros of this good quality for so little money.
  • The quality of the workmanship, particularly in the silver, was as fine as she’d ever seen, and she doubted she could have worked glass any better.
  • Mik fought against himself, made himself cradle Nicky, until the quality of sunlight through the gap in the curtain had changed, as time moved on.
  • Looking at our diaries, sitting around that same kitchen table, pencilling in quality time – we laughed but we learned.
  • This one feels well balanced and of adequate quality.
  • His parliamentary office at Sunderdown was so small, its furnishings so mean, leagues away in terms of quality from his bureau at the Ministry of Justice.
  • There was a boyish quality to his face when he looked like that.
  • Nesta listened while the dark-haired male explained the various stages of forging a blade, from the quality of the ore to the proving.
  • The sound quality was clear, but Sam’s voice sounded awfully tired on the other end.
  • The tonal quality of Trace’s voice, the way his fingers flew over the strings of his Strat, and how he carried himself onstage.
  • It was a quality ride, paid for with cash dollars.

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