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имя существительное
  • matter
  • matter in question
  • question
  • point
  • point at issue
  • affair
  • case
  • subject
  • topic
  • problem
  • bone of contention
  • send out
  • put out
  • release
  • deliver
  • publish
  • announce
  • pronounce
  • broadcast
  • communicate
  • circulate
  • distribute
  • disseminate
  • transmit

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • выпуск issue edition output issuance outlet emission
  • проблема problem issue challenge question poser proposition
  • эмиссия emission issue
  • издание edition publication issue impression
  • номер журнала issue
  • спорный вопрос issue issue of fact
  • исход Exodus outcome result issue exit event
  • выход output exit out outlet escape issue
  • результат result outcome effect output product issue
  • предмет спора issue contention contestation debatable ground
  • потомство progeny seed posterity breed issue generation
  • разногласие disagreement discord difference odds dissension issue
  • истечение expiration expiry outflow issue efflux escape
  • вытекание outflow discharge issue drain outlet
  • потомок descendant child offspring descendent scion issue
  • излияние outpouring effusion outpour gush spate issue
  • выделение discharge excretion liberation secretion allotment issue
  • доходы gain finance incoming issue
  • прибыли issue
  • устье реки estuary mouth creek firth lade issue
  • выходное отверстие outlet issue
  • дети children babies little ones small children young ones issue
  • выдавать issue extradite betray give produce distribute
  • издавать publish issue utter put out send forth carry
  • выпускать release let out produce issue let go output
  • исходить proceed emanate issue radiate
  • кончаться finish end result stop run out issue
  • пускать в обращение put into circulation issue monetize put forth pass publish
  • родиться be born arrive come into the world issue
  • происходить occur happen take place be come issue
  • отпускать let go release dismiss loosen absolve issue
  • вытекать flow out run out stream ensue outflow issue
  • иметь результатом result issue
  • получаться в результате issue ensue
  • выходить come out exit go out get out egress issue

примеры использования

  • And, my little stowaway, you should know, I would have no issue in eating my colleagues here, were they dead.
  • Today’s tide is a small one that will not cover the causeway, but there is the issue of the unghosted dead, even so far out in the country.
  • Unsurprisingly, the issue was hotly contested.
  • “The issue back then wasn’t that food and energy resources had run dry, but that they hadn’t been shared out properly.
  • ”“My issue isn’t with Cassian.
  • And no issue in eating you either, if the situation called for it.
  • ”“There is another issue.
  • The steel pommel, carved into the likeness of a bear, was not standard issue.
  • ”“Your beloved BB has a serious issue.
  • He supposed that it wasn’t so bad, but he also knew that establishing a communications network wouldn’t get rid of the BT issue altogether, either.
  • “If there is any issue with his ministry, you must understand any Guider sent here will be kept busy to the point of exhaustion,” said Zeruvias.

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