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имя существительное
  • framework
  • structure
  • substructure
  • skeleton
  • chassis
  • shell
  • casing
  • body
  • bodywork
  • support
  • scaffolding
  • foundation
  • infrastructure
  • mount
  • set in a frame

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • рамка frame cadre
  • кадр frame shot still cadre
  • рама frame rack chassis framework cradle carriage
  • каркас frame framework carcass skeleton shell rack
  • структура structure framework pattern composition frame texture
  • оправа rim frame setting mount mounting casing
  • система system scheme frame method setup chain
  • конструкция design construction structure construct frame framework
  • остов skeleton frame framework body shell carcass
  • станина bed frame stand body housing bedplate
  • тело body flesh solid frame figure corpus
  • сруб frame blockhouse framework framing
  • шпангоут frame rib timber
  • скелет skeleton frame bone atomy barebone anatomy
  • телосложение physique constitution build frame habit
  • костяк bone skeleton frame
  • строение structure building construction architecture texture frame
  • парник greenhouse hotbed frame glass seedbed forcing-bed
  • парниковая рама frame garden frame glass
  • сооружение construction structure building facility installation frame
  • ткацкий станок loom frame
имя прилагательное
  • рамочный frame
  • обрамлять frame edge encase enframe rim incase
  • создавать create build establish make produce frame
  • строить build construct build up frame parade troop
  • вырабатывать produce make work out elaborate form frame
  • составлять be constitute make up make compose frame
  • сооружать construct build erect rear engineer frame
  • вставлять в рамку frame
  • приспосабливать fit adapt adjust accommodate fit in frame
  • выражать в словах frame indite
  • ложно обвинять frame accuse falsely frame up
  • подстроить ложное обвинение frame
  • сфабриковать ложное обвинение frame
  • произносить pronounce say utter deliver enunciate frame
  • развиваться develop evolve progress expand advance frame
  • собирать collect gather pick assemble congregate frame

примеры использования

  • ’ A change came over her expression – a decision to let the margarita move her into a confessional frame of mind.
  • ’ Which was how they’d done it before, silver chains lifting the net into place while dozens of slaves laboured beneath to raise the frame that would hold it.
  • Hissenwar grunted as he folded his ample frame double to retrieve the pieces from the floor.
  • He puts the frame back in its packaging and slides it to the back of the cupboard under the sink.
  • He strips the bow tie from around his neck and drapes it on the frame of the Pissarro.
  • A ferocious hammering made the door leap in its frame.
  • Dan turns over the frame and looks for a way to open it, but it’s glued together.
  • A pair of fine towers would frame the view of the Spires, the fantastically carved ridge where the nobility dwelt, dividing Lemio from Var.
  • ” She ran a hand over the cracking wood of the cot’s frame.
  • The glass was shattered and only the frame remained, but the original entrance still stood.
  • Bellepheros bent and inspected a corner of the door where he’d wedged a piece of leaf against the frame.

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