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имя прилагательное
  • fabulous

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имя прилагательное
  • потрясающий tremendous terrific shocking startling incredible fab
  • сказочный fairy fairytale dreamlike dreamy fabled fab

примеры использования

  • Head to the snowy slopes this winter and get into the groove with some skiing as this week's fab gear swishes and slides through the winter wonderland of the ski suit.
  • Thanks to Simon for this fab link to the king of all desserts…
  • Cells will be manufactured at IBM's 300 mm fab in East Fishkill, NY and Sony's Nagasaki plant.
  • Besides, Lawrence loves the music of the Fifties, and you get to wear fab frocks too.
  • A part of the campaign will also involve exciting offers in which customers can win fab gifts through scratch cards at all outlets running the contest.

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