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Самый холодный


имя прилагательное
  • chilly
  • chill
  • cool
  • freezing
  • icy
  • snowy
  • wintry
  • frosty
  • frigid
  • gelid
  • bitter
  • biting
  • raw
  • bone-chilling
  • nippy
  • arctic

другие переводы

имя прилагательное
  • холодный cold chilly bleak chill frigid icy
  • равнодушный indifferent apathetic unconcerned cold lukewarm aloof
  • слабый weak weakly low feeble faint cold
  • неприветливый surly unfriendly cold cool wintry ungracious
  • мертвый dead off deathlike cold at rest bung
  • безучастный indifferent neutral vacant disinterested cold cool
  • фригидный frigid cold
  • удручающий disheartening cold dead-alive
  • потерявший сознание insensible cold
  • недействующий inactive inoperative inoperable ineffective inofficious cold

примеры использования

  • There is a display cabinet with wrapped sandwiches, salads (mackerel or ham) and cold puddings.
  • I recognized the pale blond hair and cold blue eyes as those of Ashton James.
  • Balthazar said, motioning for them to follow him through the cold , sterile airport.
  • They were an icy blue, a blue so cold and intense that Erin was certain that he could see through her.
  • Even when she got them to talk to her, she had found that they were cold and harsh.

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