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имя существительное
  • ring
  • band
  • hoop
  • circlet
  • halo
  • disc
  • annulus
  • wheel
  • move around
  • revolve
  • rotate
  • whirl
  • spiral

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • круг circle range round lap disk disc
  • окружность circle circumference ring round periphery circuit
  • кружок circle coterie circlet section roundel balloon
  • кольцо ring annulus circle collar race hoop
  • цикл cycle series round circle circuit tour
  • ярус tier storey stage circle floor story
  • ободок rim ring circle border fillet
  • круговорот cycle circulation circle
  • группа group party bunch class series circle
  • сфера sphere scope area realm domain circle
  • округ district county region parish circuit circle
  • область region area field domain range circle
  • орбита orbit orb circle
  • кругообращение circle
  • кружиться whirl circle spin dance swim reel
  • вращаться rotate revolve turn turn around run circle
  • передавать по кругу circle
  • двигаться по кругу circle
  • окружать surround compass encircle environ enclose circle

примеры использования

  • Blood stained the snow around him in a wide circle.
  • Rew rushed one side of the circle that had formed around him.
  • Her thumb traced a circle on the face of the device.
  • He stares at the screen, finger hovering over the blue square icon, and watches the loading spinner circle until it disappears, alerting him that the app has fully loaded.
  • “Sonic lashes,” murmured Rew, walking a slow circle around the bodies.
  • He’d been the first in the circle to dance at a marriage feast and the last to leave the party.
  • He began walking, pacing in a wide circle around Balzac and Zaine.
  • Of course the brand is a cross with a circle around it.
  • As the sun rose on their third day in the desert, he saw other threads of light forming a circle from the desert sands to the rim of the maelstrom like bars in a cage.
  • Chapter 251When the uncle came out of his house followed by a number of men, the villagers gathered in a wide circle in front of the house.
  • They were completely erased from the circle of life on this planet.

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