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имя существительное
  • pursuer

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • истребитель fighter destroyer exterminator chaser
  • преследователь pursuer persecutor chaser shadower persecute
  • чеканщик chaser minter chiseller coiner chiseler caulker
  • бабник womanizer philanderer wolf chaser philander
  • морской охотник submarine chaser chaser
  • гравер engraver etcher carver chaser graver chiseler
  • глоток sip drink gulp mouthful swallow chaser
  • бегун runner chaser muller edge stone
  • рюмка ликера chaser
  • судовое орудие chaser
  • винторезная плашка chaser
  • винторезная гребенка chaser
  • резьбовой резец chaser

примеры использования

  • The former chaser slipped the field turning for home and galloped 12 lengths clear by the time he cleared the final hurdle.
  • After witnessing the warm reception that the horse received coming into the winner's enclosure, co-owner Paul Barber paid tribute to the veteran chaser .
  • Carl Llewellyn has been singing his praises - a novice chaser for the future.
  • He thought about buying a whisky chaser to go with the beer but decided against it.
  • The leading Irish chaser was never travelling well at Leopardstown and eventually finished 13 lengths behind Best Mate.

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