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имя существительное
  • professorship
  • preside over
  • take the chair of
  • lead
  • direct
  • run
  • manage
  • control
  • be in charge of

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • стул chair stool pew
  • кресло chair armchair recliner lounge
  • председатель chairman chairperson president chair prolocutor
  • кафедра chair pulpit cathedra lectern rostrum tribune
  • председательское место chair
  • профессура professorate professoriate chair
  • должность профессора chair
  • место свидетеля в суде chair stand
  • рельсовая подушка chair rail-chair
  • председательствовать preside chair chairman moderate be in the chair
  • возглавлять lead head chair spearhead forge forge ahead
  • ставить во главе chair set over
  • стоять во главе chair manage
  • поднимать и нести на стуле chair

примеры использования

  • He gave me a playful grin and pulled out the chair next to him.
  • Not a breath, not hint of the idea that the Republican chair of the meeting was doing the disruption!
  • I am interested in a bass trombone chair with an orchestra, should one become vacant.
  • She is chair and associate professor in the psychology department at Hampton University.
  • My official university chair was clueless as to how to support my writing and research interests.

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