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имя прилагательное
  • sure
  • confident
  • positive
  • convinced
  • in no doubt
  • satisfied
  • assured
  • persuaded

другие переводы

имя прилагательное
  • определенный certain definite specific determined given distinct
  • некоторый some certain
  • некий certain some
  • уверенный sure confident certain assured positive secure
  • верный right true faithful loyal correct certain
  • надежный reliable secure safe solid sound certain
  • несомненный undoubted unmistakable unquestionable doubtless undeniable certain
имя существительное
  • факт fact thing certain matter of fact deed
  • нечто несомненное certain

примеры использования

  • Yet she was not afraid of this figure, for she was convinced that she could have it inside a certain length of time, because the mine seemed to contain unlimited riches.
  • He weighed his desire to get out of Falvar against the accusing looks he was certain to receive from Anne if they were forced to huddle together under a rain-whipped tarp all night with no fire and no fresh provisions.
  • It’s the same man, and I’m certain I can identify him again.
  • They mentioned certain persons whom they expected to meet again; others whom they hoped would no longer be there.
  • “Hold on,” said Rew, pointing to a door he was certain hid another flight of stairs.
  • Her fate is certain.
  • If Sam Porter Bridges was back, then Viktor was certain that this expedition could bring forth a miracle, even if it was only one man.
  • And all this for a certain amount of gold which no one can locate and which could have been bought for three packages of cigarettes, worth thirty centavos.
  • Yet when he saw how carefully the chief searched, how logically he worked along a certain line, how he watched the shadows of the sun and compared them with peaks of hills and rocks, he became convinced that the chief knew precisely what he was doing and that he was sure to find what he was after.
  • The first pages were an account of Sea Lord Quai’Shu’s decade-long quest to steal dragons from the dragon-lands, beginning with how he had acquired the services of not one but two Elemental Men – an unprecedented purchase and one which made her quite certain that the Elemental Men themselves must have desired Quai’Shu to succeed.
  • After seeing the rock up close, he was certain spellcasting had caused the small avalanche, and he didn’t think the narjags were capable of such.

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