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имя прилагательное
  • sure
  • confident
  • positive
  • convinced
  • in no doubt
  • satisfied
  • assured
  • persuaded

другие переводы

имя прилагательное
  • определенный certain definite specific determined given distinct
  • некоторый some certain
  • некий certain some
  • уверенный sure confident certain assured positive secure
  • верный right true faithful loyal correct certain
  • надежный reliable secure safe solid sound certain
  • несомненный undoubted unmistakable unquestionable doubtless undeniable certain
имя существительное
  • факт fact thing certain matter of fact deed
  • нечто несомненное certain

примеры использования

  • When a certain Mr. Po assisted with military affairs on the northern frontier, he obtained a well-bred horse to give to me.
  • It will be hard, and it may not ensure victory, but any other way is certain defeat.
  • The only certain thing is that the next record will sound nothing like it.
  • If we had stuck a few more phases on certain moves the win would have been more comfortable.
  • Since he won Pop Idol, certain areas of the media have sought to blame Young for all the world's ills.

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