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имя существительное
  • source
  • root
  • origin
  • beginning(s)
  • starting point
  • mainspring
  • base
  • basis
  • foundation
  • fountainhead
  • originator
  • author
  • creator
  • producer
  • agent
  • bring about
  • give rise to
  • lead to
  • result in
  • create
  • produce
  • generate
  • engender
  • spawn
  • bring on
  • precipitate
  • prompt
  • provoke
  • trigger
  • make happen
  • induce
  • inspire
  • promote
  • foster
  • beget
  • enkindle

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • причина cause reason why root ground account
  • дело case business matter point deal cause
  • повод occasion reason cause rein bridle halter
  • основание base basis reason bottom foundation cause
  • мотив motive tune reason cause ground air
  • процесс process operation act cause
  • довод argument reason plea cause
  • сторона side party hand part way cause
  • вызывать call cause induce call forth summon produce
  • причинять cause give bring deal occasion kill
  • быть причиной cause be responsible for bring about produce guide
  • заставлять force make cause get compel lead

примеры использования

  • Vandalism and criminal damage caused by airguns is an increasing problem which is giving cause for concern according to police.
  • But the government's decision to shelve the bill is no cause for celebration.
  • they can't search your house without reasonable cause
  • you could cause them problems
  • He believes that fundamental issues about the way we run the world are legitimate cause for concern.

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