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имя существительное
  • automobile
  • motor vehicle
  • vehicle
  • motorcar
  • auto
  • wheels
  • gas guzzler
  • jalopy
  • lemon
  • junker
  • clunker
  • hooptie
  • Tin Lizzie
  • rustbucket

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • автомобиль car vehicle automobile auto motor car motor vehicle
  • машина machine car engine computer apparatus
  • вагон car carriage coach
  • легковой автомобиль car passenger car motor car
  • автомашина car motor automobile machine auto
  • тачка wheelbarrow car barrow motor auto cradle
  • тележка truck cart trolley carriage bogie car
  • вагонетка trolley car truck wagon carriage tram
  • кабина лифта car cage
  • колесница chariot car
  • повозка cart wagon car waggon gharry
  • гондола gondola nacelle car
  • корзина basket pannier car chip basket corf nacelle
  • железнодорожный вагон car
  • гондола дирижабля car nacelle

примеры использования

  • She draws in the Hudson, car exhaust, and the fresh scent of opportunity.
  • ” The sheriff drew his gun and stuck his hand inside the car.
  • “Nice car.
  • The car stalled.
  • Joy sent the second envelope, which had her car keys and the parking lot ticket, to Taryn.
  • ”Dylan ended the call, wiped the phone clean of car grease with a paper napkin, then slid the device across the table with a muttered thanks.
  • She shifts the car into gear the same moment the officer loudly raps his knuckles on her window.
  • ” He pointed at the iPod she had connected to the car.
  • ‘Do you mind if I leave my car parked here for a bit?
  • Judy got a new car.
  • She scans the parking lot for a familiar car, even though she doesn’t know what type of car he drives.

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