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имя существительное
  • bar
  • block
  • brick
  • slab
  • tablet
  • lump
  • coat
  • encrust
  • plaster
  • cover

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • торт cake pie
  • пирожное cake brownie
  • жмых cake oilcake oil meal millcake
  • кекс cake
  • лепешка cake lozenge flapjack troche pastil pastille
  • брикет briquette cake
  • пряник cake honey-cake
  • кусок piece chunk lump bit bite cake
  • брусок bar block rail stick brick cake
  • макуха cake
  • плитка tile bar cake
  • слежавшийся осадок cake
  • лепешка грязи или глины cake
  • спекаться sinter frit cake contract
  • слеживаться cake clod
  • затвердевать harden solidify set freeze bind cake
имя прилагательное
  • кусковой lump cake nubbly

примеры использования

  • The House seemed more than happy to oblige her, and had even offered her a slice of double-chocolate cake to finish.
  • ”She bared her teeth, but Cassian only set down the fork with grating precision and walked out, leaving her the half-eaten cake.
  • He nodded toward the cake.
  • At the side she left a clean towel neatly folded with a cake of soap on top.
  • ” And throwing the money on the counter, he would put the elegant little case in his pants pockets as though it were a cake of soap and leave without saying “Thank you!
  • She went stiff at his closeness, but he said nothing as he took a bite of the cake.
  • Laden with a massive piece of chocolate cake.
  • Her short fingers grip a dessert plate of precariously stacked cake slices.
  • Though she had helped herself to thirds of Feyre’s ridiculously large pink birthday cake.
  • They’d toasted their nuptials, eaten the most amazing Asian fusion meal Dylan had had in a long time, and cut the cake.
  • ” He stalked across the room, eyeing the cake she still didn’t touch.

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