“CAFE” на русском языке


другие переводы

имя существительное
cafe coffee house coffee room kiosk teahouse luncheonette
coffee house cafe
bar bar cafe saloon tavern barroom


имя существительное

coffee shop tea room restaurant bistro brasserie cafeteria snack bar diner eatery Internet cafe

примеры использования

I’ll take you over to that cafe.

Lunch-time was long past, but in a Chinese cafe one may get dinner, called “comida corrida,” at any time.

Back out on the street I find a familiar franchise of cafe and call Petra, who asks me if her tip was good.

Any man who could sit at the bar of a Spanish cafe at this time in the afternoon and drink a huge glass of coffee and eat two pieces of milk bread must have money.

Here was a cafe without walls, doors, or windows, which were not needed since the cafe kept open twenty-four hours every day.

One afternoon when Dobbs was drinking a glass of coffee at the bar of the Spanish cafe on the plaza, Curtin, passing by, saw him and stepped up.