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имя существительное
  • coffee shop
  • tea room
  • restaurant
  • bistro
  • brasserie
  • cafeteria
  • snack bar
  • diner
  • eatery
  • Internet cafe

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • кафе cafe coffee house coffee room kiosk teahouse luncheonette
  • кофейня coffee house cafe
  • бар bar bar cafe saloon tavern barroom

примеры использования

  • An hour later the three were chatting over hot chocolate in the small cafe that served hot drinks and food to skaters.
  • After we had taken a picture of every square inch of the landscape we headed back inside for a drink in the cafe .
  • Some time later (the next night, it seems) she stumbles drunk into a cafe where he happens to be.
  • For example, they have a club that hosts gay discos once a week and a cafe / bar which is gay friendly and is mainly used by lesbians.
  • Everyone in the cafe had stopped drinking and was looking over at us.

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