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имя существительное
  • purchase
  • investment
  • acquisition
  • gain
  • deal
  • value
  • bargain
  • purchase
  • acquire
  • obtain
  • get
  • pick up
  • take
  • procure
  • pay for
  • invest in
  • get hold of
  • snatch up
  • snap up
  • grab
  • score

другие переводы

  • купить buy
  • покупать buy purchase get pick up
  • приобретать purchase acquire get gain buy take on
  • накупить buy buy a quantity of
  • прикупать buy
  • подкупать bribe buy corrupt suborn buy over tamper
имя существительное
  • покупка purchase buy

примеры использования

  • Writing off any negative thoughts about the drugs being gone, he knew he had the best secret hiding place money could buy.
  • This time the grocer had ordered a few pounds from the town because he knew that Curtin would buy them.
  • “Where did you buy the burros?
  • “And if you can somehow find two coppers to rub together to buy yourself a drink.
  • I don’t buy any lottery tickets,” he bellowed at a little boy who for the last five minutes had been brandishing lottery tickets right under his nose.
  • Joy missed those weekly outings when Judy would buy their meals.
  • “Why don’t you buy only a quarter of a ticket, then?
  • But my uncle may buy a few, perhaps all of them, if you mean to sell them all and the price is reasonable.
  • ”“You mean to tell me you could buy the burros and pay, let’s say, in the neighborhood of about ninety pesos, and that you hadn’t the one peso and eighty centavos left to pay for the stamps?
  • “But provisions ran short and new tools were needed, so five men were sent off to town to sell a quantity of nuggets and with the proceeds buy all that was needed to go on with the exploitation.
  • And this reminds me, boys, we’ll have to go Out to a few villages near by to buy burros, which we need for carrying our packs and for other services at the camp.

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