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имя существительное
  • purchase
  • investment
  • acquisition
  • gain
  • deal
  • value
  • bargain
  • purchase
  • acquire
  • obtain
  • get
  • pick up
  • take
  • procure
  • pay for
  • invest in
  • get hold of
  • snatch up
  • snap up
  • grab
  • score

другие переводы

  • купить buy
  • покупать buy purchase get pick up
  • приобретать purchase acquire get gain buy take on
  • накупить buy buy a quantity of
  • прикупать buy
  • подкупать bribe buy corrupt suborn buy over tamper
имя существительное
  • покупка purchase buy

примеры использования

  • ”“Scram, you bandit, I don’t buy tickets.
  • ”“I can buy that,” Feyre said, “but why use it on Eris’s soldiers to attack our people in Oorid?
  • “When we are done, you shall be rich enough to buy all this desolation and make them anew.
  • “If I were willing to pay that much, I wouldn’t have to buy them here.
  • As they pulled out of the driveway, Priest looked back at the four-bedroom home his mother had scraped to buy for them after their father’s murder.
  • Nobody wants to buy oil any more, and if anybody buys, damn knock me cold, he offers you flat two bits for the barrel, take it or go to hell.
  • You hate each other for gold, while you never can buy love with gold.
  • You wouldn’t have the money to buy it.
  • We are willing to buy the burros and we are agreed upon the price.
  • Writing off any negative thoughts about the drugs being gone, he knew he had the best secret hiding place money could buy.
  • How about twelve, and we’ll buy you a drink?

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