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  • only
  • just
  • simply
  • merely
  • no more than
  • nothing but
  • a mere
  • yet
  • nevertheless
  • nonetheless
  • even so
  • however
  • still
  • notwithstanding
  • despite that
  • in spite of that
  • for all that
  • all the same
  • just the same
  • though
  • although
  • except (for)
  • apart from
  • other than
  • besides
  • aside from
  • with the exception of
  • bar
  • excepting
  • excluding
  • leaving out
  • save (for)
  • saving

другие переводы

  • но but yet only and
  • а and but
  • однако but however though yet notwithstanding
  • зато but
  • впрочем however but then not that
  • тем не менее nevertheless however though but notwithstanding albeit
  • как не but
  • если не if not unless without except but nisi
  • если бы не but
  • чтобы не lest but
  • кроме but besides apart from else
  • только only alone but merely solely simply
  • лишь only but barely
  • кроме except but except for besides save aside from
  • за исключением except except for with the exception of to the exclusion of excepting but
имя существительное
  • возражение objection rejoinder retort answer exception but
  • рабочая комната but
  • первая комната but
  • кто бы не but

примеры использования

  • The dragon didn’t answer, but why else was it here?
  • The ranger paused, cursing himself for listening, but unable to stifle his curiosity.
  • Rhys tensed at the sneer, but still said nothing.
  • It was gone in an instant, but not before it tugged something inside of him.
  • It was difficult to count, not knowing how long the creatures had been at the kill site, but he’d seen such scenes before.
  • ’Liang almost turned back to drag her, but no good would come of it and the rider-slave would overpower her with ease.
  • Yes, yes, but really?
  • During this life he instructed them in many arts, and laid down the Rule of Twenty, but his attempts to dissuade the people from his worship came to nought, and the many corruptions of his teachings filled him with anguish.
  • The Odradek was unwavering as it showed Sam Cliff’s location, but between them stood thick jungle.
  • And last he’d heard, that was where Crazy had gone and so that was where he was going too – but not before he had a few things to take with him, and so he ran first into the heart of the camp, not far away.
  • A passageway apparently of sand led him to another tunnel, this one much longer and larger and made of the white stone again, almost perfectly round but flattened at the bottom, like the spiralling passageways of the eyrie except wider and arrow-straight.

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