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бос емес


имя прилагательное
  • occupied
  • engaged
  • involved
  • employed
  • working
  • hard at work
  • rushed off one's feet
  • hard-pressed
  • swamped
  • up to one's neck
  • on the job
  • absorbed
  • engrossed
  • immersed
  • preoccupied
  • (as) busy as a bee
  • on the go
  • hard at it
  • occupy
  • involve
  • engage
  • concern
  • absorb
  • engross
  • immerse
  • preoccupy
  • distract
  • divert

другие переводы

имя прилагательное
  • жұмысбасты busy

примеры использования

  • When he was ready, he made his rounds, delayed by all the busy fuss in the dragon yard as the Taiytakei who’d come to witness the trial bustled away, their gondolas and glasships cluttering the sky.
  • ’‘I’m busy.
  • One evening, just a day from the river, Anne cornered him and Jon while the younglings were busy preparing the camp.
  • ”Chapter 261Howard was a busy man indeed, wanted everywhere and for everything.
  • A single road meandered down the island from the cliffs and the Dul Matha towards a causeway and another bridge to the mainland, but it was busy with soldiers camped out for the night.
  • ”The bandits were busy cutting saplings, branches, and twigs.
  • King’s Sake, half of my customers dig in those jars themselves to make change when I’m busy.
  • They’d been so busy during their dancing lessons that the details of training hadn’t come up.
  • She’s busy running the Night Court.
  • Antoninan was busy inspecting his supplies, calling out orders in his native Low Maceriyan.
  • While this was happening, a dozen men were busy throwing all the baggage, the express goods, and the mail-bags out of the train along the track, where accomplices of the bandits were waiting to pick them up.

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